Zetasizer Nano Family

The world’s most widely used systems for nanoparticle, colloid and protein size, zeta potential measurements and molecular characterization.

The Zetasizer range provides both exceptionally high performance and entry level systems that incorporate combinations of a particle size analyzer, zeta potential analyzer, molecular weight analyzer, protein mobility and microrheology measurements. Particles and molecules from less than a nanometer in size to several microns can be analyzed by a range of variants to suit your applications and budget.

The systems measure size and microrheology using dynamic light scattering, zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility using electrophoretic light scattering, and molecular weight using static light scattering. In addition the system can be used in a flow configuration to connect to a GPC / SEC system for use as a chromatography size detector.

The Nano Range Instruments:

Zetasizer Nano ZS

Zetasizer Nano S

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