High throughput screening is more and more useful to shorten the formulation time-to-market cycles. This is an especially important methodology employed in the pharma and biopharmaceutical research area.


Turbiscan AGS integrates the Turbiscan LAB stability analyzer, a robot, a storage station and a smart software for automatic sample handling and reporting. This concept enables automated management of aging tests from sample storage at different temperatures to shelf-life analysis.

Key Benefits:

Fast & Automatic Stability Determination

  • 200 times faster than visual control
  • Real storage conditions
    (no centrifugation or dilution)
  • 54 sample positions with 3 independent and thermally controlled storage racks

A Complete Insight to Formulation Properties

Long term stability analysis, mean diameter and size variation, phase thickness, dispersibility ratio, volume fraction, migration velocity.

Simple & Intuitive Interface

Turbiscan Stability Index: evaluate and compare formulation stability with one number. Automatic reporting and multi-user accounts.

Accelerated Aging

Storage conditions from Room Temperature up to 60°C with 3 independent storage racks

Automated Long-Term Stability

54 sample positions and an autosampler for high throughput stability evaluation

Shelf Life Conditions

Real stability determination using Turbiscan LAB without mechanical stress or dilution (concentration up to 95%v/v)

Stability Scale and Ranking Size

A single value (TSI) calculated for each sample to assess and compare different formulations


For Pre-formulation Applications

Detects stability evolution
at an early stage.


  • Identification and quantification of instability
  • Quick and Reliable
  • Portable and robust
  • Shelf life and long-term stability analysis
  • Migration velocity


R&D, QC, and Analytical Development

Accelerate and document aging tests for fast and deep understanding of your products destabilization mechanisms


  • Identification and quantification of instability
  • Long-term stability analysis simulation
  • Temp range from ambient to 60 °C


Multi-Sample R&D, QC Applications.

Provides 6 independent measurement positions for simultaneous comparison of various formulations.


  • Identification and quantification of instability of up to 6 samples
  • From 4 °C to 80 °C
  • Improved resolution-acquisitions every 20 microns
  • Small bench footprint


High-Throughput Analyzer

Provides automated management of aging test for sample storage at different temperatures


  • Identification and quantification of instability of up to 54 samples

  • From ambient to 60°C
  • Automated, robotic sample handling and storage at multiple temperatures for accelerated shelf life analysis