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Particulate System from 2008 to Present

Particulate Systems Launched

Agreement with Vision Analytical


Exclusive World-Wide sales, service and support rights assigned to Particulate Systems for the Particle Insight shape analysis instrument.


HPVA was Acquired

Acquired design, production and full manufacturing rights for the HPVA,  the high pressure volumetric analyzer for high pressure adsorption and desorption isotherms.

MA-1040 Magnetic Analyzer Acquired


Full product rights, design and manufacturing acquired by Particulate Systems. The MA-1040 is a very exceptional instrument used for the detection and measurement of low levels of metallic iron compounds.


Agreement with Surface Measurement Systems

Signed representation agreement with Surface Measurement Systems for sales, service and support in regionally selected areas around the world. Surface Measurement Systems is a highly regarded, small manufacturer with products for Dynamic Vapor Sorption and inverse gas chromatography.

Agreement with PID Eng&Tech MicroActivity

Distribution agreement reached with PID Eng&Tech for their Micro Activity Instrument. PID Eng&Tech is a company located in Madrid Spain that focuses on developing laboratory-scale reactors and micro-scale pilot plants for the improvement and understanding of cracking, catalytic activity, and the kinetics of chemical reactions in the petrochemical and biomass industries.

Agreement with H.E.L. Subsieve AutoSizer (SAS)

Particulate Systems signs distribution agreement with HEL, a UK based company for world-wide distribution of their HEL Subsieve Autosizer (SAS) and instrument designed to provide air permeability particle sizing.

4-Port HPVA Launched

Further development of our acquired HPVA instrument. Particulate Systems designed and released a 4 port, high throughput variant of the HPVA for high volume applications.


HPVA II Launched

3 years after initially acquiring full rights to the HPVA, Particulate Systems engineering and design team improved the design and functionality of the originally acquired instrument expanding its capabilities and functionality.

Agreement with Otsuka NanoPlus

Particulate Systems Granted Exclusive Global Distribution of The NanoPlus DLS Nano Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer From Otsuka Electronics In Japan.


PID Eng & Tech Microactivity EFFI Launched

Particulate Systems expands its distribution agreement with PID Eng&Tech with the Microactivity EFFI instrument for catalytic activity investigation.


Acquiring SAS from H.E.L.

All assigned rights for design, manufacturing and support acquired from HEL, a UK based company for the previously distributed HEL SAS Subsieve AutoSizer. Upon acquisition of the SAS its functionality and software were improved from its original design

Release of NanoPlus HD

Working with our partner Otsuka electronics, Particulate Systems provided key input and customer feedback to assist in design and improvement of the NanoPlus. The result is the release of the NanoPlus HD with greater flexibility, reporting, and expanded range of measurement.


PI Shape Module Launched

Particulate Systems works with Vision Analytic to introduce the PI Shape Module. This innovative instrument integrates fully into a wide variety of DLS systems produced by other manufacturers to provide shape information simultaneously while measuring particle size.

Agreement with Phenom World Desktop SEM

Signed distribution agreement for the United States with Phenom World for their highly recognized, and class leading Desktop SEM, scanning electronic microscope. Particulate Systems distribution agreement is focused on the areas of chemical and industrial applications.