POROLUX™ Software

The POROLUX™ porometers use a bespoken own developed software written in LabVIEW, the most sophisticated development suite and high performing programming system for data acquisition and instrument control. The software allows intuitive selection of all analysis parameters, and the customer can easily change the measurements settings to get additional insight in the pore structure:
  • Type of wetting fluid
  • Start and end pressure or maximum and minimum diameter (auto conversion, units: bar, psi, Pa)
  • Speed of pressure increase
  • Number of data points (maximum 400): improved resolution for the pore size distribution for a wide range of samples.
  • Sample diameter and thickness
  • Shape factor
Data analysis includes:
  • A comprehensive overview of all relevant results and input parameters
  • Wet, dry and half-dry graphics
  • Cumulative flow and pore size distribution graphics
  • Curve overlay
  • One button export to Excel, Word and pdf file Quick report view via HTML with any browser
The user interface of the POROLUX™ software is very easy, user-friendly and multilingual. The software is available in English, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and French.

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The POROLUX™ has its own processor and independent runtime system (the measurement is completely independent from Microsoft Windows), known as Programmable Logic Controller or PLC.

If during a measurement there is a data connection loss, the measurement and accumulation of data continues and after reconnecting the PC, the PLC will deliver data to the computer. Therefore, if there is any problem in the processor of the computer, the disturbances from the computer do not influence the acquisition of results.

Available POROMETER Instruments: