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Nanoparticle Distribution Analysis Explained

Nanoparticle distribution analysis is a critical process in the research and development (R&D) of colloidal formulations with suspended particulates on the sub-microscale. This can be challenging for formulators given the limitations of established analytical technologies. Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is one of the leading techniques used to determine accurate particle size distributions (PSDs) for various […]

Particle Shape Analysis: Exploring Key Parameters

Many nanoparticle analysis techniques focus on size at the expense of shape. Advanced particle size measurements, such as dynamic light scattering (DLS), often assume a uniformity of shape to statistically generate performance predictions based on the hydrodynamic diameters of particles in solution. This is suitable for many applications. However, manufacturers are increasingly becoming aware of […]

Segregation Testing for Materials Characterization

The pursuit of homogenous powder mixtures is of interest to an extremely diverse range of market sectors, from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals. Significant research and development (R&D) efforts are expended trying to blend two or more individual powder materials into a stable, homogenous mixture for intermediate or end-use. These early stages of development are […]

Measuring Colloidal Stability

Measuring Colloidal Stability Colloidal stability is one of the primary concerns of chemists working with mixtures that are intermediate between homogenous and heterogeneous. This requires two or more distinct phases to coexist in equilibrium, typically a mobile-phase dispersant and a dispersive (solid particles, oil droplets, etc.). The underlying problem therein is that heterogeneous mixtures tend […]

How to Measure Powder Uniformity

Powder uniformity tends to refer to what is known as content uniformity, which is essentially a measure of consistency throughout a bulk powder.

Powder Characterization: The Importance of Segregation Mechanisms

In this blog post, Particulate Systems explores powder characterization of segregation mechanisms in more detail.

Materials Characterization with Dynamic Imaging Analysis

Materials Characterization with Dynamic Imaging Analysis Materials characterization is an extremely broad field of research concerned with both the macro- and microstructural properties of materials. Material characterization is an essential process in virtually all areas of engineering and materials science, and it is fundamental in satisfying trends in modern product development and manufacturing. Particle analysis […]

Iron Measurements with Magnetic Analyzers

Iron Measurements with Magnetic Analyzers Detecting and measuring extremely low levels of metallic iron (Fe) compounds in goods is a critical quality assurance and control process in a range of markets. Its importance stems from the fact that iron is both an essential nutrient for supporting life and one of the primary elements used in […]

SEM: What is Desktop Scanning Electron Microscopy?

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is an innovative technique used to evaluate the surface topography and chemistry of samples with exceptional resolution.