Materials Characterization with Dynamic Imaging Analysis

Materials characterization is an extremely broad field of research concerned with both the macro- and microstructural properties of materials. Material characterization is an essential process in virtually all areas of engineering and materials science, and it is fundamental in satisfying trends in modern product development and manufacturing.

Particle analysis is one of the primary subsets of materials characterization. It concerns the interpretation of discrete sub-portions in a substance that typically varies from sub-nanometre (nm) scales to a few millimeters (mm) proportions. This too is an incredibly far-reaching area of research that is densely populated with various analytical technologies.

Conventional optical microscopy laid the groundwork for particle assessments in materials characterization as early as the 1600s, but it has since been eclipsed by a raft of new techniques with enhanced resolving powers and automation capabilities. Dynamic imaging analysis is one such solution that offers insights into numerous particle measurement parameters in a single pass.

In this blog post, Particulate Systems will outline the benefits of materials characterization with dynamic imaging analysis in greater depth, with a focus on the successor to our exceptional Particle Insight tool: the SentinelPro.

SentinelPro Materials Characterisation

The Particle Insight was our first-generation dynamic imaging particle analyzer, but it has been succeeded by the SentinelPro; which exceeds on every front.

This consolidated device is equipped with a recirculating sample module and ultra-precision optics that can capture real-time images of samples and analyze them immediately. It can quickly obtain results based on multiple size and shape parameters, offering full insights into both particle geometries using a rapid Xeon strobe light source coupled to a high-resolution camera with a frame rate of 127 fps. Over 30 distinct shape parameters are recorded per particle to fully illuminate sample morphology and determine the most complex material characteristics.

The SentinelPro makes no equivalent measurements nor estimations, providing statistically assured measures based on the correct size and shape of particles in aqueous solutions or solvents. Images are viewed live and saved as image files for post-run processing. Sample runs can be overlaid for comparison in research and development applications, or the system can be set as a pass-fail process to a standardized SOP. A unique feature to the Sentinel is a scatter plot of a sample where individual outlier particles can be captured and viewed for all of the 31 shape parameters in a simple point and click operation.

This is critical in modern materials characterization as particle shape has been linked to numerous mechanical properties, including aggregating behavior, dispersibility, flow properties, segregation mechanics, and microstructural characteristics. The SentinelPro is subsequently ideal for materials characterization in research and development or industrial-scale quality control applications.

Materials Characterization with Particulate Systems

Particulate Systems specializes in the development of dynamic particle analyzers suitable for research-grade materials characterization. Our suite of instruments is engineered to provide practical and efficient, benchtop solutions to modern materials characterization challenges.

If you would like any more information about our particle analyzers, contact a member of the team today.

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